Birthday Parties – Monster High

I love hosting birthday parties!My mom always hosted the best birthday parties for my sister and I. Even though she was a single parent with no extra money, I always remembered our birthdays being so much fun! So, I guess I adopted this routine from her. I tell my husband every year, that throwing a birthday party at your house is WAY cheaper than paying for Chucky Cheese or taking the kids swimming etc. however it doesn’t always work out that way. Be careful when hosting your birthday party to not over spend and try to make everything yourself, if possible. Sometimes, I can get carried away and purchase way too much stuff and before you know it, we could have went to Chucky Cheese twice!

Both my daughters LOVE Monster High and I got say, so do I (maybe more than them sometimes). I just love how different each and every doll is and how they are a little dark and scary but still really pretty dolls…. Ok, I’ll get back to the point. Here’s a couple of tips to get you through your kid’s birthday party without breaking the bank – Monster High Style.

  • You can find many “recyclable” items around your house, that will work for all sorts of games. Take this one that I made..Monster Toss.jpgI took some styrofoam board that I found sitting in my craft room. I cut different sized coffin shapes and stuck it all together with some fancy duck tape. We used some soft (this is a key word here) dog balls and the kids lined up to see how many points they could score. Overall the kids thought it was fun and it took some elbow grease to make, but not much.
  • This is probably the most important rule to not over spend on your kid’s birthday parties….don’t pick ‘themes’ like this one. Lol Themes like Barbie, Lego, Ninja Turtles etc. all warrant you to buy things that are “theme related” like paper plates, table cloths, napkins etc. and you just know that they jack up the pricing only because it has a photo of Lagoona Blue on it. So, if you are going to have a theme such as this one, pick solid colors instead of theme printed items. We used a lot of black, pink and blue for this Monster High theme.
  • Loot Bags – What kid doesn’t like to get a loot bag when they leave a birthday party? Although these can be a huge waste of money, they are still fun. And they don’t have to leave you broke.Loot Bags.jpgOk, yes we did spend extra money on “theme related” loot bags, so I advise that you do not do this. You can purchase little bags from the dollar store in the colors you want and then fill them up with creepy crawlers and monster related things. You can get a 10 pack of creepy crawlers from the dollar store for about $1.50. Just think about how much fun it is when kids reach into a bag full of slimy creepy crawlers?!

Other things or games you could do for your Monster High themed party, would be to put in a Monster High movie (if you have kids who love these things as much as mine do, I am sure you have a movie lying around). Games like, ‘wrap the mummy up in toilet paper’ is a classic game. Set a timer and see who uses and covers the most. One more fun game we played was ‘Pin the Tail on Jinafire Long.’ Obviously a rendition of Pin the tail on the donkey, so I am sure you get the idea, but here’s a photo anyways…Jinafire Long.jpgFangs you very much Everybody!


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