An Easter Tradition: Easter Egg Challenge

I never grew up with a lot of family traditions, especially around Easter, as we were not a religious family and didn’t celebrate this holiday each and every year. In school, we were asked to list a family tradition, that we partaked in on the holidays and I really couldn’t think of too many. When I heard some of the other kids traditions, I thought to myself “I wish we did that!” Now that I have my own family, we’ve started many traditions together!

For this holiday, we do the Easter Egg Challenge! We are a pretty competitive bunch but we feel it’s also important to teach our kids how to have fun (while trying to win)! In real life, there are losers and to avoid being one, it starts by having a good attitude if and when you lose.

Ok, I am going to show you how to play this game, because it is so much fun and also gives you purpose for decorating your eggs. Start off by boiling your eggs – put them into a pot of cold water and boil them for about 15 minutes. There’s four of us, so we each do 4 eggs. Tip: Make a couple extra eggs, just in case someone pushes too hard while decorating etc. It’s never fun when someone has to sit out because of an accident. We decorate our eggs by using different colored wax crayons and try to come up with fun and creative ideas, such as “LL Cool Egg” shown here….

LL Cool Egg.jpg

To get vibrant colored eggs –  use about 20 drops of food coloring, 1/2 cup of water and about a tablespoon of white vinegar for each container.

Make sure you keep your eggs separate and everyone know which ones are theirs. Next, grab a piece of paper and start off by drawing your graph or you can download this one (that I created for you) and print it off: Easter Egg Challenge Template

Here’s an example of how it looks filled in

Easter Egg Challenge-Done

You’ll write out everyone who is playing, so that everyone goes against each other once. At the last battle, you can do odds and evens to see who goes against who. To Play Odds & Evens: Everyone counts to 3 and puts up a number, with your fingers from 1-5. Whoever puts out an odd number goes against eachother etc.

We take our challenges VERY seriously, so we set up a little platform for each egg, as you can see here.DSC02199

Now Start Cracking….

Tip: The pointy side of the egg is the hardest part of the egg, this is the side you want to hit each egg with.

Count to three and hit the eggs together. The one that breaks, is obviously the loser and will no longer be competing. Sometimes, both eggs may break, so both will be disqualified. Record which egg made it on your template sheet.


Continue battling your eggs and whichever egg makes it to the end, without breaking, is the winner! WE keep track of who wins; with an Easter chart, as it seems that everyone seems to FORGET that I win every year Lol We have an official duotang and everything!

This game takes about a half hour or so and is something everyone looks forward to each year at Easter. Like I had mentioned above-this game is set up for four people, if you have more in your family, you’ll just need to make more eggs and adjust the chart. The number of people you have, is how many eggs each person should decorate.

When your competition is over, check out my recipe section for eggceptional recipes!

Have Fun and Happy Easter!


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