Birthdays – A Spa Day

This is one of my favorite birthday parties! It’s a lot of work to pull this one off, but the girls had so much fun, so it was worth it. Here are the invitations that I made (a lot of work and a pain in the butt, but so freakin’ cute!)Spa Invitation Edited

We hosted this party inside our house and I set up different activity sections for the girls to keep busy. I’ll start off with the food/snacks that Avah’s Day Spa” served.DSC01869-1.jpgDSC01866.JPGI served these adorable nail polish marshmallow bites, cotton ball mini donuts and nail file wafer cookies. The nail polish marshmallow bites were so easy to make and if I say so myself, look amazing! I used tutti fruit marshmallows, then sprayed them with water and dipped them into different colored sugar sprinkles. I stuck half of a toothpick into the Tootsie roll and stuck it right in the marshmallow. Just make sure to let the kids know, that there’s a toothpick inside, so no one gets poked. DSC01860-1.jpgIf you like these spa day folded name cards that I made, you can download a print ready  free version here, that I made just for you! Spa-Day-Folded-Card-Free-Printable

Next, was all the activities we did. (Just fair warning, you may become the “servant” or the “maid”, like the girls called me) I started walking around with a towel wrapped around my arm to really fit the part. Ok, activities. The first one I got the girls to do was the…

“FLIP FLOP STATION”DSC01855-1One piece of advice, you should purchase bigger (than you think) flip flops! I bought the flip flops from the dollar store and unfortunately they were all too small, but the girls still thought it was still cool and wore them anyways. I cut up some dollar store ribbon (another piece of advice, cut them larger than you think, or let the girls cut them themselves). I had too much ribbon left over and now it’s all too small to do anything with. The girls just tied little knots on the straps of the flip flops and these became their spa shoes. Time Allocated For Activity: 1/2 hour

After the girls had their spa shoes, they were ready for the…

“MUD MASK STATION”DSC01865-1.jpgThis one was kinda ‘icky’ for some, and others thought it was ‘awesome’. I had this table already set up with a bowl and stick for each kid, to mix their mud mask ingredients, a cheap towel from the dollar store, to wipe their hands and face and a mirror to look at what they were doing. I wrapped up the towel in a headband so each girl could wear it to keep their hair out of their face and included a bottle of “Refreshing Eau de Spa” (just for looks). If you like these water bottle labels, you can download another free printable here, Spa-Day-Water-Bottle-Lables-Free-Printable

I recommend that you do not buy any face mask stuff from the store in case of breakouts or sensitivities and you make your mud mask ingredients from natural items. Food products that work great are, bananas, avocado, greek yogurt, oats and pumpkin and don’t forget the cucumbers! Like I said before, this was the ‘icky’ part Lol  I had to start by putting it on my face so the girls didn’t think it was ‘toxic’. Here’s Avah with it all over her face. Haha Time Allocated For Activity: 1/2 hourDSC01876.JPGWhile the girls were putting their mud mask on, I went and set up the …

“PEDICURE STATION”Pedicure Station.jpgI don’t like posting pictures of other kids on the internet, so here’s just their feet. I purchased big buckets from the dollar store and filled them with some leftover Orbee beads that one of my girls had left over from a Christmas gift, but you could use the flower beads that absorb water the same way, which is usually found in the fake flower section. Make sure to line the couch and floor with lots of towels and blankets, in case of spillage! Time Allocated For Activity: 1/2 hour

While the girls were relaxing in the warm water, cucumbers on their eyes and some soothing music playing, I served them some “spa smoothies” that I threw in the blender quickly (it destroyed the mood a little bit, but didn’t last long) Lol DSC01880.JPGI just threw in some ice, strawberries, bananas, yogurt and juice or milk and then topped it off with a strawberry and fancy straw.While the girls drank their smoothie and giggled/chatted, I cleared off the mud mask station and set up the ..

“LIP GLOSS STATION”DSC01883-1.jpgAgain, we set up two bowls each with sticks and filled them each with a glob of Vaseline. I purchased some Crystal Light flavoured water squirts (not really sure what the real term is) and the girls were allowed to squirt 1-4 drops into their jelly to mix it up. I bought little containers for the girls from the dollar store craft section, so the girls could put their lip gloss in side and take it home. I cut up some white stickers (to fit the top of the container) so they could draw or write their name and then decorate with jewels! Time Allocated For Activity: 1/2 hour

Next Station was the…

“NAIL POLISH STATION”DSC01887-1.jpgI did not go out and buy all these nail polishes, this was just my personal collection. A couple nail polishes would be just fine, I just have a little bit of an obsession… anyways… I let the girls paint eachother’s nails because I was busy cleaning up. They didn’t do the best job of painting eachother’s nails and I had to go around cleaning the cuticles with some nail polish remover, but overall the girls had fun doing it. Time Allocated For Activity: 20 mins

Last, we opened presents and the girls all took home a little loot bag that I had made up. I just happen to find these cute, little bath tub containers in the bath section at Dollarama, and then filled them with some take home nail polishes, nail files, a bath poof, some candy and a bag. All stuff I found in two or three packs at the dollar store.DSC01858-1.jpg

This is one of my favorite birthday parties, yet far and if you plan on throwing one for your daughter or son (who doesn’t love to be pampered?) I hope I was able to give you a little guide to making it go as smoothly as possible. One more tip, would be to pre-prepare as MUCH as possible. I had all the face mask stuff pre-mashed and in containers, smoothie ingredients sitting in a bowl and lip gloss ingredients pre-made etc. I don’t have 3+ tables in my house, so I needed to use the same area for different stations, which meant clean up and set up needed to be fast!

All in all we allocated 3 hours for this party and had no left over time. I hope you have a relaxing and meditating spa birthday party!

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