D.I.Y. Headband Holder

If your girls are anything like mine, they LOVE accessories such as headbands! I was tired of having all of their headbands shoved into a drawer, so I searched Pinterest and Etsy for some ideas and decided to make myself a headband holder.


I will show YOU how to make it step by step! Here’s a list of the items that you’ll need…

  • A Roll of Paper Towel (with paper towel still on it) or a Larger Sized Tube
  • Foam (only if you’re using a larger sized tube instead of paper towel)
  • Pillow Case or Fabric
  • Wood Pedestal (About $3.00 in the wood section of your local craft store)
  • Paint and Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue + Glue Gun
  • Needle and Thread
  • 2-4 Elastics
  • Cardboard (Enough for two circles about the same size as your holder)
  • Decoration (Flowers, Jewels, Feather Boa – Top of Holder)
  • Ribbon

IMG_2020.JPGI used a larger sized tube and foam for mine, but that’s only because I got the tubes free from work, but a roll of paper towel would work just as good.

1.Cut your tube or roll of paper towel to the length you want it. Use a sharp knife for your roll of paper towel (if using a thick tube like I did, you’ll need a saw).

If you are using paper towel, skip to the 3rd step….

2.If using a tube, than you’ll need to wrap it with foam, if it’s not that thick. I bought about an inch thick foam and it was a little too thick for my stands, as it stretches the headbands a little. Wrap the foam (cut to size) around the tube and either glue it together or sew it. Gluing didn’t work great because it took forever for it to dry and started to melt the foam a little. Careful if you decide to sew it together, if you pull too hard it’ll rip the foam. Remember it doesn’t matter how ugly it looks, it’ll get covered with fabric ๐Ÿ™‚Headband Holder.jpg

3.Take your cardboard and trace your roll or draw two circles. They should be smaller than the roll. Glue one on each side.DIY Headband Holder Step 3.jpg

4.Cover your roll with your pillowcase. Leave extra fabric on both sides and wrap the fabric around the roll tight. Tip: You should try one of your headbands on the roll to make sure the thickness is right. If it is too thick, remove some pieces of paper towel and then recover with your fabric.ย Cut the fabric once you know the size, then pin the fabric together and sew it. You do not need to make it look really nice, as you will be covering it with ribbon, but your goal is to make the sewing straight down (My first attempt wasn’t great, as you can see in the last photo, but I did a double ribbon, so you couldn’t notice in the finished product)DIY Headband Holder Step 4.jpg

5.After the fabric is sewn together, you’ll tie one side (the nicest side) with an elastic or glue the fabric down. The other side you’ll cut the fabric just enough that when you cover it with your pedestal, you’ll JUST cover it. You don’t want to leave any fabric bunched up, otherwise the pedestal wont sit on it properly and it’ll be wobbly. Once your fabric is cut, take your handy dandy glue gun and glue the cut fabric down as flat as possible.DIY Headband Holder Step 5.jpg

6.Take your ribbon and glue it all the way around (you should be covering the ugly side where you sewed) Both ends of the ribbon should come up to the nice side of the fabric (the side where the elastic is holding the fabric) and tie the ribbon and the fabric with a little elastic when you get to the top, or if you plan on gluing the fabric down, just glue the ribbon too.DIY Headband Holder Step 6.jpg

7.Paint your pedestal whatever color you’d like. When the paint is dry, glue the pedestal to the bottom side of your headband holder. DIY Headband Holder Step 7.jpg

8.Pick the best side and decorate your holder with your flowers, feathers etc. For my one daughter, I folded the top part into a ‘bun’ kinda thing and decorated around it with flowers. For my other daughter, I glued a giant flower on top with some leaves, as you can see in these photos…DIY Headband Holder Complete.jpg

Have fun with it and I’d love to see photos of what you’ve created!

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