A Cupcake Birthday Party!

Who doesn’t love CUPCAKES?  Kids sure do and what’s better than eating all the cupcakes…decorating them! This was a fun birthday and every kid really enjoyed it (I think I say that about every birthday haha but I’m not gonna lie, they all rock!) Be warned though, there is a lot of prepping for this birthday party.


Here’s the events we did for this one…

  • Apron Decorating – About 1 hour (depending on the kid)
  • Eating – 15 minutes (while the other kids were still drawing on their aprons)
  • Cupcake Decorating – 1/2 hour
  • Presents – 1/2 hour
  • Singing Happy Birthday and Cake – 10 minutes
  • Cupcake Bingo – 5-10 minutes (until parents arrived)

Total Birthday Time – approx. 2.5 hours

Let’s start off first, with the invitations. I just love designing invitations! I have very basic skills in Photoshop, but I designed this one and printed it off. I attached a dollarstore spatula to each one with some ribbon. Most of the kids brought the spatula to the party thinking they had to, which was adorable and thoughtful BUT I wasn’t doing any baking with these kids, as that was more work than one of me could handle! LolInvitation

You can download this invitation in two different sizes here …

3″x4.5″ Cupcake Birthday Invitation Download

4″x7″ Cupcake Birthday Invitation Download

Apron Decorating – I was lucky to get my white aprons complimentary from my job, but you can order blank aprons online or there is a great tutorial over at www.sayyes.com She shows you how to make a DIY apron out of an Ikea dish cloth! Just make sure to buy White, so the kids can color and draw on them. Buy some Sharpie markers from Costco (I love my Sharpie markers) and have the kids sit and decorate them! My daughter was the first one done, clocked out at 45 minutes and my step daughter was done in about an hour. While the perfectionist kids are still coloring, the other kids can eat. Look at how great the aprons turned out!Apron-Decorating-with-Sharpie-Markers-For-Cupcake-Birthday-Party-ThemeAfter apron decorating, I set up the table with pre-baked cupcakes (yes, they were boxed cupcakes) and pre-made icing in disposable Wilton icing bags. If you don’t want to spend the money on these bags, just use freezer bags and cut a hole in the corner. I bought little paint pallet trays from the Dollarstore and gave each girl some candy to decorate their cupcakes with!


All you need to make your cupcake icing is butter, powdered sugar (I call it icing sugar), vanilla extract and a little splash of milk. I don’t really measure, I take a stick of butter, about 1 tbsp of vanilla extract, splash of milk and start to beat in the powdered sugar (I do not have a mixer, so I usually use my hands with latex gloves). Find the consistency that works for you. Keep adding in more powdered sugar to thicken your icing. Next split up sections and dye the icing with food coloring (I kept the icing colors the same as the color theme). I also used cupcake liners to make a banner and strung spatulas, whisks etc. to fit the theme.Cupcake Birthday Table DecorationsApron and Birthday Hat Cupcake Decoration

Last thing we did and I do this for almost every birthday party…BINGO! I have these BINGO cards pre-designed and I just change out the clip art to reflect the theme of the birthday….BINGO Photo I have attached a bunch of downloads for these cupcake BINGO sheets below. Once they are printed, you can re-use them for any other birthday party, so enjoy. Ok, I love playing BINGO with kids at birthday parties because #1. They sit still AND #2. They stay fairly quite because they are concentrating on finding the next picture. You should maybe buy a couple of suckers for the winners and instead of using bingo chips for the cards, use candy! Although, you may never have a winner because the kids will eventually eat the candy. Lol

Here are 10 free BINGO sheet downloads plus the calling cards….

Cupcake BINGO Sheet 1; Cupcake BINGO Sheet 2; Cupcake BINGO Sheet 3; Cupcake BINGO Sheet 4; Cupcake BINGO Sheet 5; Cupcake BINGO Sheet 6; Cupcake BINGO Sheet 7; Cupcake BINGO Sheet 8; Cupcake BINGO Sheet 9; Cupcake BINGO Sheet 10

Call Out Cards for Cupcake BINGO
Well that is it! You should have everything you need to host yourself a cupcake birthday party…well expect the food, the aprons, the cake….ok well at least I provided you with an invitation and bingo sheets hehe I wish you lots of luck in hosting and prepping your next birthday party. I hope she (or he) enjoys it as much as my girl did!

Anna's 7th Cupcake Birthday


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