DIY $10.00 Skeleton Wreath

It’s just about time for my favorite season…Halloween! I love everything and anything about this holiday, especially making craft projects for around the house. I have children and live in a neighborhood where lots of kids trick-or-treat, so I try and keep all my projects age appropriate but still kinda spooky. Remember: you can always add fake blood or red paint to your projects to make them a little more gory.

This project is a skeleton wreath for the door – a perfect welcoming for those trick-or-treaters!


Items You Will Need For This Project….

  • 1-2 bags of skeleton bones (plastic from dollarstore – not the graveyard!) – $3 per bag
  • twine or rope – $4
  • glue gun + glue

First: Arrange your long bones (arms/legs) into a circle/octagon shape

Second: Glue these bones together

Third: Position the skull of the skeleton where you want it and glue it down. Tip: Try hanging the wreath on the door first, so you know how it hangs best before gluing everything else on.

Fourth: Glue the short bones, hands, feet etc. all over the wreath

Fifth: Wrap twine around all joints and pieces. Tip: Use lots and wrap many different ways, as the glue won’t hold for long and the extra wrapping will make it more secure. I’ve used my wreath for two years now and I only had to re-wrap it once, as it started getting a little loose.

Sixth: Hang it up on your door and wait for the screams to come!! Muhahhaha

DSC01383.JPGMore Halloween projects to come soon!


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