Decorate A Stunning Christmas Tree On A BUDGET!

Mommywithnomoney Pinterest-Decorate-A-Tree-On-A-Budget.jpg

I love everything about decorating a Christmas tree and have always enjoyed spending the time to perfect where everything goes. Some people (my sister and husband) might say I’m a little bit of a control freak with where my decorations go. I can get a little crazy when you start to clutter the same ornaments together or the “spend more time on the back that nobody’s going to see” instead of concentrating on the (more important) front of the tree. I didn’t always have nice ornaments growing up and in my younger years, I had a lot of hand-me downs and dollar store decoration,  but even then I always took pride in the way my tree turned out. Maybe you have no clue on how to decorate a tree or every time you do, it just doesn’t look quite as nice as all those Pinterest ones? Well, hopefully these few suggestions will help you improve your Christmas tree decorating. Remember, I AM NOT an expert nor do I have any skills in a decor/design background…..these are just my opinions only.

Alright, if you follow these simple steps that I’ve laid out for you, I feel like your tree will turn out amaze-balls (get it? Balls.. like Christmas ornaments not like… uhh, I think you get it. Ok staying on topic….

__Choose the right Lights: I prefer a pre-lit tree, as it is easier to set up and looks much more desirable then stringing uneven lights around your branches. Look for sales of used trees or wait until after Christmas and buy one on sale. My suggestion is to stay away from color lights and the only reason why I say that is it’s harder to match decorations with color lights. Can color lights look amazing? Yeah, sure they can, but not as nice as white lights (just my opinion). I went with a warm white lighted tree, to provide a cozy and rustic feeling to match the decor in my house.

__Decide on the perfect tree Wrapping: If you want something cheap and easy, stick with 1.5″ to 2″ thick wired ribbon. Try to avoid beads, tinsel, garland or any other cheap looking tree wrap. Using a thick burlap ribbon is best, as it’ll twist perfectly because of the texture! If you find a thinner fabric wired ribbon, be prepared to work with it a bit more, as it is difficult to twist it nicely.

__Use lots of Decorations: Lots and lots of decorations! Make sure your decorations range from a selection of different sized balls, flowers, pine cones, bows, snowflakes, woodland creatures or anything else you can find. I’m going to be the worst mom EVER by saying this, but avoid putting those unsightly handmade ornaments that your kids brought home from school each and every year and if you HAVE to put them in your tree, try and outshine them with nicer looking ones  (or just get another tree that goes in the basement and put all of those ones on that tree, like I did) hehe I feel like teachers should stop letting kids make ugly crafts to bring home, like if it involves any coloring, they should really find something else for them to make. Anyways, that’s a rant for another day. When putting your ornaments on the tree, it is best of you start with one style of ornament and evenly place them around the tree and then move onto the next style. Here is a wonderful example below…Correct Tree Diagram.jpg and not like… wrong-tree-clipart

My husband would look at this and not see any difference between each of these trees and if you don’t either, then this post might not help you 😉 I say you go out and invest in the money for an already decorated tree and set it up Lol

__Stick to a Color Palette: Keep all your colors within the same color pallet. Go to your local home store and find a color pallet book or swatch with your perfect tree colors and stick to these colors when buying or incorporating decorations. I came across this cute site and it has some wonderful color combos!

__Skip the Tree Skirt: Tree skirts are boring, but without something under your tree it would also be boring. Try wrapping empty boxes with pretty paper that match with your color theme, or buy some glittery fabric and wrap it around your tree base. I wrapped some boxes with brown paper and did some different styles of ribbon and bows.You don’t have to stick with presents either, try incorporating a ornamental reindeer, some tin cans or wooden words such a JOY or JOLLY. I used a wooden crate and threw a blanket inside. __Top your Tree with something Special: Whether it be a star, angel or large ribbon bow. Find something that fits with the theme of the tree (Rustic-Wooden Star, Winter Wonderland-Glittery Snowflake, Traditional-Large Ribbon Bow or Jewel Tone-Peacock Feathers) Since I went with a Rustic, Woodland theme, I purchased a Marquee tree topper on sale at Lowes for $10 and I love it!

Well, I think that is all you really need to have a beautifully decorated, show home worthy Christmas tree. I hope it all works out for you and your family comments wonderful things about  your tree. Happy decorating!


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