Crappy parents make for crappy kids…

Santa had gotten our family of four, tickets to ‘Cirque du Soleil-Toruk’ December 26th show. I have to start off by saying, I LOVE Avatar! It’s one of my favorite movies and the movie really spoke to me about how humans suck and how much the Na’vi people respect and love the world they live in. Anyways, my family of 4 got all dressed up and it took us about an hour and a half to get downtown and then search for parking. We made the trek through the snow to get to Roger’s Place and found our seats. We sat down and made ourselves comfortable and I then reminded my girls to sit still during the show and make sure to not kick their feet into the back of the other person’s chair, which they didn’t and they turned out to be very good girls. Behind us, however, was a family of 11 (Grandpa, Grandma, 5 kids: ages 2 to 8 and mom/dad, aunties and uncles). These kids were truly adorable, all dressed in matching dresses and shoes, which I am assuming they all got for Christmas. We sat back and patiently waited for the show to start while my girls ate their popcorn and drank their pop. While we were waiting, 2 year old behind us, hopped up on Grandpa’s lap as Grandma took her seat. Directly behind me, 2 year old cute, little girl, asked Grandpa all sorts of questions like, if the show will be scary, if it’ll be loud, how many people will be there etc. like a 2 year old would do. Grandpa answered back to all her questions and then the show started. Now, while I sat there before the show and listened to how cute she was being, I thought, “well it’s time to be quiet, the show has started”, which if that had happened, the title of this post wouldn’t be what it is.

The little 2 year old girl asked questions to Grandpa almost the entire first half of the show and not by whispering them, but yelling as the cirque music was quite loud. After the first few times of asking, “Is it scary, is it scary?” my husband who was 3 seats down, turned and shushed her. Grandpa gave him a nasty stare and of course she didn’t shush, but asked “Is it scary, is it scary” a little quieter but since she was right behind me, my daughter and  I could still hear her quite clearly. Now, I can deal with a little bit of talking, I get it, she’s 2. She’s just little and she’s curious about what is going on and yea, from her  tiny perspective, the show might have looked “scary”, so my daughter and I sat there and tried to ignore it. Well, of course a 2 year old or even a 5 year old can’t sit still for very long and now the back of my seat is moving and someone behind me is kicking it, which again, I ignore. I get it, I have kids and at one time they were two. My daughter is also feeling this kicking on the back of her seat from the 4 year old or whatever sitting behind her, so we both scoot forward, hoping it won’t be as annoying. Now, my other daughter who is eating her popcorn just about gets kicked in the head, because Grandma lifts up 4 year old onto her lap. I hold myself back from saying anything, well because I am passive person and I am not going to turn around in the middle of the show and ask them to stop kicking, I’ll wait until intermission…..

Intermission time….everybody behind us gets up to go to the bathroom, so I decide I’ll ask them politely to stop kicking my chair when they get back.

They are back and my husband beats me to the punch and turns around to ask if their kids could be quiet and stop kicking our chairs. Well, all hell breaks loose and mom goes off on us in her snotty tone “Don’t worry, I moved my kids down, so they won’t bug you anymore” and then says, “they weren’t even doing anything” which then I turn around to say, “Actually they had been kicking all of our chairs the entire show and we had waited until intermission to ask nicely if they could stop” which at this point Grandma interrupts saying, “She wasn’t kicking your chair”. Oh, she wasn’t? That’s so weird that I felt someone kicking my chair but I’m lying about it, and TRYING to start an argument with complete strangers in a very public place because why? Because I enjoy confrontation? Because I would just love to start an argument with people I do not know when I paid 80 bucks a seat to see a show? Yeah, you’re right, she probably wasn’t kicking my chair and I’m just crazy. At which point mom says, “She’s only 2!”OK, stop-hold on….I know she’s only two, I get that she’s only TWO but that doesn’t give her an excuse to disrupt every other paying customer….. YOU can ask her to stop, MOM! As far as I was concerned you were nowhere to be found, as you had been sitting on the opposite side of the row and Grandpa didn’t say anything because he was too busy drinking his beer. So, I’m sorry yes, she is only two, but as her mother YOU should be telling her to be quiet and explaining to her that everyone else is watching the show and she needs to sit still and be quiet. Instead of sitting on the opposite row of her and drinking your $7 beer, how about you come sit by your daughter and explain to her that by her talking and asking questions and kicking other peoples’ chairs, she is distracting everyone from watching the very expensive show? She, of course, wants to start a fight and now she snaps back to my husband; who had his arm across the back of my daughters chair, “I moved my kids, the least you can do is move your arm”. Ugh, humans….

This lady ruined the rest of my night and I know I shouldn’t have let her, but it’s the DAY after Christmas and I just wanted to watch a beautiful Cirque show in peace with my family, but that didn’t happen and after all that, I had to listen to mom smirk and talk literally behind my back. Listen lady, grow the f*** up and tell your 2 year old to be quiet or DON’T bring her to the show, end of story. Find a babysitter like everyone else or wait until your kid is old enough to obey the rules.

Listen, maybe you’re one of these parents who brings your little ones to movies or cirque shows or whatever. I just hope when you do bring them, you take in account everyone else who is there, that’s all.

Rant Ended.

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