Fortune Teller Valentine’s Day Cards

I remember when I was in grade school and my friends and I would make these paper crafts that would tell us if we were going to get married, how many kids we were going to have or what kind of house we were going to live in. Remember MASH!? haha Anyways, these paper fortune tellers would give us girls hours of fun during school and after!


These fortune tellers popped up on my Pinterest feed and I thought, “what a great idea for some Valentine’s Day cards, much better than candy, right?” Wrong. My husband and kids thought candy with a card was way better than a piece of paper, BUT whatever, I thought they were cool and I am hoping you will too. After I printed them and cut them out, I got my girls to fold them for me. They are both 9 years old, so I figured they were old enough to handle folding them on the lines and making sure they were even. Again I was wrong. After about folding 5 or 6, I checked on them and their comment to me was, “These are exhausting and my fingers hurt!” So, I said, “Do a few more, then you can take a break.” Yes, I know how that sounds … but I gave them fresh water and snacks 😉

I relieved them of their duty and took over making them myself, plus fixing the ones they did. Were they just whining that their fingers hurt, to get out of my child labor camp? I am not going to lie, my thumbs were quite numb and sore at the end of it, so if you decide to take these on, be warned!

I have attached two different designs that I made, the Classic Red and Pretty Pink. The ‘Pretty Pink’ is a compliment teller and the ‘Classic Red’ is a fortune teller. I laid them out so that two will print on a LEGAL Size 8.5×14 sheet. Don’t use fancy paper to print these out, just standard-run of the mill, white paper will do the trick. If you like the look of the card that goes with it, I have attached them here; Classic Red and Pretty Pink. I printed these on 8×10 cardstock, and attached the fortune teller with a paper clip.


My girls thought that candy was better than a piece of paper, so I caved and bought some heart suckers to attach to the back of the card. Ugh, FINE, candy it is!

I am having difficulties with technology lately with my, “old (but not that old) Mac computer” and my “old (but again, not that old) iPhone” and how none of it will let me upload any photos or videos, because everything is “too old” to update bull-crap! Sorry, I hate technology 😛 I had a video that I was going to upload showing how to fold these, but here’s a drawing instead that I found on Google.


Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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