A Science Birthday Party!

Science Birthday Pinterest Mommy with no Money.jpg

The nice thing about having a husband who teaches science, is that we got to use his classroom for our birthday party and it took most of the stress off me, since he conducted most of the experiments (I really had NO idea what I was doing) lol. I have to admit, while I thought the kids were going to be bored out of their minds and think that they were ‘back in school’, this party turned out to be so much fun! The kids, although some said, “it feels like we’re at school”, were ‘ooing’ and ‘ahhing’ with almost every thing we did. So yeah, they were back in school and maybe they learned a thing or two but they still had fun doing it.

You don’t need to be a scientist or a teacher to pull off this type of birthday party. You can do this in your home or better yet outside (it can get kinda messy). This is a great indoor birthday party idea and it keeps the kids occupied with all sorts of projects. My husband did some other cool exploding/fire displays, however he has all the knowledge on what to mix without blowing things up, so unless you know someone who has this knowledge, I would just stick to the basics…

I based the theme of the party around the invitations I designed. I got the idea to use the periodic table from some invitations I saw on Etsy. Science Birthday Invitation.jpgNormally I would offer a free download of this design, however because it is personalized with periodic symbols for the name, it’s a hard one to make a template for. If you have some design skills, feel free to use this as inspiration, or you can purchase them over here on Etsy


  • Candy Worm Specimens: You can buy petri dishes on Amazon here. Make sure to wash them before you put food in them (just in case). Pour jello into them and place candy worms inside. I added some sprinkles as well. The great thing about these dishes, is they come with lids!
  • Atom Cookies: Use a 6 starred or snowflake cookie cutter and make some cookies. I made shortbread cookies with this recipe and iced them with this royal icing recipe.
  • Radio Active & Toxic Juice: Sprite, Green Hawaiian Punch, Limeade
  • Rock Candy: I think you can find a recipe here, but I’ve never tried it and it takes a few weeks, so I suggest just buying it somewhere. If you have a Party City, this is where I bought mine.
  • H2O: Wrap the labels around the water bottle with packing tape. You can download my water bottle labels here: H2O Science Water Bottle Label Wraps


I just used black construction paper as my backdrop to make it look like a chalkboard. I then wrote different formulas in chalk. My husband wrote them out for me, because they HAD to be accurate! I went with purple, black and green theme as it went with my invitations.  I then printed a poster that said “Welcome to Anna’s Laboratory” You can download a 24×36 generic poster version, that I made here.

Black Science Backdrop.jpg

Other than that, I didn’t do a whole lot, as we were already in a science atmosphere being we used a classroom and all, but you can purchase beakers off Amazon and if you have the extra money, purchase some safety  goggles and lab coats for the kids.

Now the fun part….all the experiments and activities!

I had a table set up for the kids to make an ID badge. You’ll need 1 larger rectangle and 1 smaller rectangle in two different colors. Print off some science clipart, barcodes, some funny Professor names, and squares (for the kids to draw themselves). Here’s what it should look like. Don’t forget the glue, string and hole punch!Professor Name Tags.jpg

After they were all official, it was time to get to the fun experiments. I had all the experiments already set up at a table (in my case, it was a bunch of desks pushed together).

Table 2 all set up.jpg

The experiments the kids did were…

  • Slime Making
  • Blobs in a Bottle
  • Milk Art

You can find all these experiments and MORE at www.sciencebob.com. So many great experiments and completely detailed with photos and even print outs! For anyone who knows nothing about science (me) this is a really great website.

My husband, “the hired help” did A LOT more experiments for the kids, but these were all done with random household chemicals, so unless you have a professional performing these very dangerous experiments, do not try them at home. But here’s some photos just for fun! I would of uploaded videos but I’m not “upgraded” so I can’t Lol

Once all the experiments were done, we played SCIENCE Bingo until the parents arrived. You can download my Birthday Bingo sheets below for FREE

Science BINGO Printable Sheets.jpg

12×18 Print Science Bingo Sheets-1 FREE!

12×18 Print Science Bingo Sheets-2 FREE!

12×18 Print Science Bingo Sheets-3 FREE!

12×18 Print Science Bingo Sheets-3 FREE!

12×18 Print Science Bingo Sheets-4 FREE!

12×18 Print Science Bingo Sheets-5 FREE!

8×10 Print Science Bingo Calling Cards FREE!

Lastly, the treat bags…. because you always need treat bags. I NEEDED to put nerd glasses in my treat bags for the kids, because it’s not a science party until you’ve got some nerd glasses! But these glasses are quite expensive and I had about 12 kids coming, so I found a value pack of plastic casino glasses for $12 and just popped out the lenses. I wished they were black, but the kids loved them anyways, so that’s all that mattered.

Value Pack Glasses with popped out lenses for Nerd Glasses.jpg

I cut out some pockets and glued the sides, so I could fit a pencil and the glasses hanging from it. Aren’t they cute?!


Well, that is it, a fun filled Science Birthday Party for any age! Just keep caution when doing experiments and make sure you read all the information before mixing different household items. Many household items can cause different reactions when mixed, so just be careful (I know, such a mom thing to say) 😉

Please send photos if you’ve attempted to use this theme or any other ideas that you might have!




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