Pottery Barn Inspired Coffee Table – DIY

Raise your hand if you can afford to shop at Pottery Barn āœ‹šŸ» …. ya me neither! My husband just started getting into building furniture for our house, as a part-time hobby during the summer, since he gets this time off, so I’ve been loading him up with project after project to keep him busy and to get our money’s worth from all the power tools he’s purchased. We found these plans over on Ana White, but they originally came from More Like Home. We did a little bit of modification with the drawers and made it with two instead of six. I wanted to put blankets and throw pillows inside, so 6 little drawers didn’t make sense for us.

You can find the plans here … More Like Home: Rhyan Coffee Table

Here are some photos of ours

IMG_4348-1.jpgMy pup thinks he owns the couch


IMG_4351Instead of drawers in the back, we just added some pine board in the back

Pottery Barn Inspired Coffee Table on Mommy with no Money

And there you have it! I just love our new coffee table, it goes perfect in our home. I banged it up with a hammer, some chain and a skewer to make it a little more rustic before I stained it, even though it looked great before. This coffee table probably cost us about $200 for the hardware, wood, stain etc. Much cheaper than $700 at Pottery Barn! šŸ¤‘

Well, we are moving on to the next project, stay tuned for our herringbone patio table! Yay!


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