School Friendly (but scary) Halloween Costumes

I know it’s a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but in my family, it’s on our brains all year long…..or at least it is on mine! (*mmm brains*). I love Halloween and all the creepiness that goes with it. I think it all stemmed from my 90’s childhood, with games like the Ouija board, Bloody Mary, Candy Man or movies like “The Craft” or “Hocus Pocus“, oh memories! Halloween, Scary movies, Paranormal Activity….all these things give me a rush of adrenaline thinking that they could be real and my husband thinks I’m silly for believing in ghosts but I’m obsessed and don’t care. Lol

If you’re anything like me and you love Halloween like I do, then you must know how much it bugs you to hear how your kids want to dress up like a princess, cheerleader, Barbie doll or even a character from a tv show they watch’? What is scary about that!? Obviously sometimes it’s just unavoidable and you cave and let them do whatever, but I am fortunate that when my girls were a little younger, they loved to please their mommy and if dressing scary made me happy, then they’d put up with it. Lol I just try to make them like “cute-scary” (if you know what I mean?). I let them pick whatever they want and then I turn it into something more Halloween appropriate like ‘cheerleader zombie’ or ‘ghost princess’ —->murdered at the alter, coming back to haunt the other women who slayed her on her wedding day because they fell in love with the groom first and if she can’t have him then she’ll haunt their lives for the rest of their existence! Muhahaha Lol (I know, I took it too far) Moving on…

Here are some school friendly (but still scary) Halloween costumes.

Classic Witch —–>What’s Needed:

  • Pointed Hat
  • Black, Green or Purple Dress/Clothing
  • Broomstick
  • Witch Nose (optional)

The pointed witch hat and broomstick is a giveaway, but to make this costume more scary, adding a warty witch nose is one way to take this costume to the next level.2017 Witch.jpg

Bat Border.jpg

Scarecrow —–>What’s Needed:

  • Overalls or Jeans
  • Plaid Shirt
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Facepaint
  • Straw (optional)

Not only will you scare away a couple of crows, but you might scare off a bully or two too!2017 Scarecrow 2.jpg

Bat Border.jpgMedusa —–>What’s Needed:

  • Gold Snakes (make either a headband from the dollarstore or clip them into messy hair)
  • Gold Jewellery
  • White Dress or Toga Wrap
  • Fishnet Stocking & Facepaint

Stretch the fishnet stocking over the face and with a makeup brush, use green eyeshadow to brush over the fishnet to create a snake pattern.2017 Medusa.jpg

Bat Border.jpgSadistic Clown —–>What’s Needed:

  • Mismatching Clothes with Bright Colors and Patterns
  • Facepaint

Stripes, Polka Dots, Checkers…you name it, any pattern will work with this costume. The more mismatched patterns, the better!2017 Clown.jpg

Bat Border.jpgBroken China Doll —–>What’s Needed:

  • Doll-like dress
  • Baby doll shoes
  • Makeup/Facepaint

This costume is one of my favorites and depending on your skills with facepaint, you can make this one look so cool and creepy!2017 Broken Doll NEW.jpg

Bat Border.jpgVampire Bride —–>What’s Needed:

  • White Dress
  • Vail with Red Blood or Paint on Mouth Area
  • Vampire Teeth
  • Bouquet of Fake Flowers

Wait a minute ….. maybe this one isn’t very school appropriate…AH, a little bit of blood won’t hurt anybody. Or skip the blood and be a vampire that hasn’t bit anyone yet!2016 Vampire Bride NEW.jpg

Bat Border.jpgRed Riding Hood —–>What’s Needed:

  • Red Dress
  • Red Cape
  • Basket
  • Wolf Stuffed Animal (optional)

To make this costume scary, paint some wolf scratches down the cheek.2016 Red Riding Hood NEW.jpg

Bat Border.jpgZombie Cheerleader —–>What’s Needed:

  • Cheerleader Outfit (if you do not have one of these, take a White T-shirt and draw words with sharpie markers (like I did below) and pair it with a skirt in the same color
  • Pom Poms

2015 Zombie Cheerleader NEW.jpg

Bat Border.jpgGargoyle —–>What’s Needed:

  • Grey Clothing
  • Wings (I used fairy wings and I think they worked out fine)
  • Gargoyle Ears and Tail (I had no idea where to buy these, so I sewed some pointy ears to go around a headband and a devil tail from leftover silk grey fabric

2015 Gargoyle NEW.jpg

Bat Border.jpgSleeping Zombie —–>What’s Needed:

  • Pyjamas
  • Stuffed Animal (rip it’s head partly off for a more dead look)

Sooo Easy! I mean really you could be a zombie of anything. For a 5 minute costume, just dress in regular clothes and paint your face and ya done!2014 Sleeping Zombie NEW.jpg

Bat Border.jpgI have SO MANY more costume ideas but unfortunately I ran out of time as I now have preteens – who, “don’t wanna dress up for Halloween because it’s lame” kind of teenagers. *sigh*  But, hopefully this gives you enough inspiration for your kids next costume!

Happy Halloweening!


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Halloween DIY Costumes.jpg

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