Dollar Tree Vintage Halloween Prints

My wall was missing something and I believe yours is too, which is why you are here reading this post. The total for this project cost me $12 (but only because I broke a frame and had to buy another one and I had most of the supplies on hand but STILL, it wouldn’t cost much for this craft). Here are the supplies you’ll need to complete this spooky project…

  • (8) 11×14 Dollartree Frames at $1.25 each (they come with glass so maybe buy a couple more in case one breaks like mine did, they are so cheap!)
  • (8) 11×14 pieces of cardstock paper or any paper will do, really. The paper is to make frame matting or find frames that include the matte inside.
  • (1) Set of Mommy with no Money Vintage Halloween Prints. FREE downloads available in Step 3
  • (8) Sets of Picture Frame Command Strips (I used two medium size for each frame because the frames are glass and I didn’t want them falling off the wall and shattering)

Continue reading for steps…

Step 1: Cut cardstock into an 11×14 size, if it’s not done already

Step 2: Cut an 8×10 size hole in the 11×14 cardstock (this 11×14 piece will become the matte around the photo for inside your frame)

Step 3: Attach your Vintage Halloween Bat, Cockroach, Rat, Raven, Salamander, Scorpion, Snake and Spider Prints designed by Mommy with No Money to the frame matting.

Tip: Attach your tape to the underneath of the print and stick the matte on top so that the edge of the design is lined up, making sure the entire photo shows through the cut out. I used painters tape just in case I didn’t line it up properly and needed to adjust.

Step 4: Add your matted print into the Dollar Tree frame.

Tip: Clean your glass before, as I found they were very dusty and overall it will provide you with a cleaner look.

Step 5: Attach your command strips to the back of each frame. I didn’t follow the rules on the back of the package, where it wanted you to attached one set to the picture and one set to the wall…I felt it was easiest to attach both to the frame and then attach to the wall.

Step 6: Use painters tape to mask out where you want the start of your frames. I made a straight line in the center of my wall at the height I wanted my frames to start. Put four frames up top and four underneath.

Step 7: Mark out where you want the frames with a marker (mark your tape not your wall). I measured 2″ between each frame. This is easier with a second person to hold the frame while you mark it.

Step 8: Measure 2″ underneath the top frames and line up your frames before sticking them on the wall. I eyeballed this step but you can do the same as Step 7 with the painters tape.

There! Your spooky vintage frames are now hung and ready to be admired. Since Christmas is the next holiday after Halloween, I bought extra frames to make Christmas themed pictures. My thought is, I can leave the command strips on the wall and just replace the ones for the new frames. I am hoping year after year they will stay on the frames and I just have to buy replacement ones to hang on the wall.

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