HELLO to my Mommies with no Money!

About Me: I am a mom who works a full time Monday to Friday job at a place I love (on most days). After an 8 hour shift, I come home to a loving, amazing and extraordinary family where I have everyday tasks such as dinner, cleaning, lunches, reading, homework, bathing, playing, cuddling etc. My husband and I are recently married and both came into our relationship with a daughter of the same age. My daughters are the best of friends and this blog is inspired by and for them.

About my Blog: This very simple blog took me 2 years to make, can you believe that? Was it my passion or goal to always want a blog? No. Did I feel that I had so much to offer to other moms and that a blog would be the best idea ever? No. Here’s the real reason I started a blog…..I created this blog for you….. the wake up, go to work, come home exhausted, hostile and crabby mom who has a half a dozen other things to do (like shaving your legs) on top of the regular 24 hour mission of keeping your kids alive and healthy.

Every time I read a blog post that says “Easy Weeknight Dinners” or “DIY Guide To Simple Projects” I end up closing my laptop and passing out from exhaustion, because what I am actually reading is a 25+; never heard of ingredient list or the ‘let’s go to Micheals and use our 20% off coupon, but still walk out paying $50 that we don’t actually have’ blog post. This blog is written for the moms who love crafting, diy projects, cooking, or even sewing but still need to pay for education, extra curricular activities and clothing needs for their family or the, “I actually need to help my kid with their math equations and then take them to their dance/karate lessons” real life moms.

Enough of these perfect, life under control, tons of time to prep a seven course meal and still please their husbands sexual needs kinda moms…..let’s stand up and say……. “ENOUGH OF THE B$…..I DON’T GOT TIME FOR THAT $H!T!

Welcome…to the kind-of dark side 😉

~Mommy BPLogo.jpg


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