A Royal Tea Party Themed Birthday

This post is brought to you in part by the Queen and the Royal Wedding…. j.k, but it is the motivation I got to stop watching TV and finally post Anna’s birthday theme from 2 years ago. I really should of been on the ball with this post before the wedding occurred, but life happened and I’ve been a tad busy… so moving on….

….Isn’t it every little girls dream to become a princess; to live in a castle; marry a prince and drink a spot of tea each day? Yes, I believe so and if you say it’s not, you’re really just lying to yourself. Well, if you’ve hit reality and realized that becoming a princess won’t happen to most of us, here’s a way to make your lovely lady and her friends feel like royalty (because let’s face it, we can’t all be introduced to a prince by our best friend, live in a castle and have someone make our daily decisions for the rest of our lives #jealous #dontcare #yesido) Continue reading “A Royal Tea Party Themed Birthday”

A Science Birthday Party!

Science Birthday Pinterest Mommy with no Money.jpg

The nice thing about having a husband who teaches science, is that we got to use his classroom for our birthday party and it took most of the stress off me, since he conducted most of the experiments (I really had NO idea what I was doing) lol. I have to admit, while I thought the kids were going to be bored out of their minds and think that they were ‘back in school’, this party turned out to be so much fun! The kids, although some said, “it feels like we’re at school”, were ‘ooing’ and ‘ahhing’ with almost every thing we did. So yeah, they were back in school and maybe they learned a thing or two but they still had fun doing it.

You don’t need to be a scientist or a teacher to pull off this type of birthday party. You can do this in your home or better yet outside (it can get kinda messy). This is a great indoor birthday party idea and it keeps the kids occupied with all sorts of projects. My husband did some other cool exploding/fire displays, however he has all the knowledge on what to mix without blowing things up, so unless you know someone who has this knowledge, I would just stick to the basics… Continue reading “A Science Birthday Party!”

A Cupcake Birthday Party!

Who doesn’t love CUPCAKES?  Kids sure do and what’s better than eating all the cupcakes…decorating them! This was a fun birthday and every kid really enjoyed it (I think I say that about every birthday haha but I’m not gonna lie, they all rock!) Be warned though, there is a lot of prepping for this birthday party.


Here’s the events we did for this one…

Continue reading “A Cupcake Birthday Party!”

Birthdays – A Spa Day

This is one of my favorite birthday parties! It’s a lot of work to pull this one off, but the girls had so much fun, so it was worth it. Here are the invitations that I made (a lot of work and a pain in the butt, but so freakin’ cute!)Spa Invitation Edited

We hosted this party inside our house and I set up different activity sections for the girls to keep busy. I’ll start off with the food/snacks that Avah’s Day Spa” served.DSC01869-1.jpgDSC01866.JPG Continue reading “Birthdays – A Spa Day”

Birthday Parties – Monster High

I love hosting birthday parties!My mom always hosted the best birthday parties for my sister and I. Even though she was a single parent with no extra money, I always remembered our birthdays being so much fun! So, I guess I adopted this routine from her. I tell my husband every year, that throwing a birthday party at your house is WAY cheaper than paying for Chucky Cheese or taking the kids swimming etc. however it doesn’t always work out that way. Be careful when hosting your birthday party to not over spend and try to make everything yourself, if possible. Sometimes, I can get carried away and purchase way too much stuff and before you know it, we could have went to Chucky Cheese twice!

Both my daughters LOVE Monster High and I got say, so do I (maybe more than them sometimes). I just love how different each and every doll is and how they are a little dark and scary but still really pretty dolls…. Ok, I’ll get back to the point. Here’s a couple of tips to get you through your kid’s birthday party without breaking the bank – Monster High Style. Continue reading “Birthday Parties – Monster High”