Sweet & Sour Chili Recipe

Let’s start off by saying, I DO NOT like Chili and neither do my kids. Maybe it’s the dryness/thickness or even the chili spice, but either way, we are not the biggest fan of standard run of the mill Chili. BUT this recipe is different and everyone (including my one daughter who hates pineapple and my half Asian step daughter) LOVES it! It is so moist and full of flavor and well, sweet (which I am sure you got from the title).

For the most part, this is a pretty simple recipe….you just take everything and toss it into a roasting pan and cook. The only pain is cooking the beef and bacon before adding to the pan. My mom adapted the recipe from a lady at work and then gave it to me, so here it is!

If your kids don’t like this, than you might want to bring them to the doctor and get them checked ;-D Lol jk


Sweet & Sour Chili.jpg


Devilled Eggs – A Recipe

My mom used to make us devilled eggs as a kid and I really didn’t like them, until I was an adult and then I loved them! My friends will attest that at any gatherings such as baby showers or game nights, I was the one that brought the devilled eggs. It never fails that when I bring these eggs, there’s a whole bunch of “ewws”, “ugh” and “gross” that come out of everyone’s mouth, but at the end of the night, there’s not ONE egg left over. Each person that says “I’m not trying one” .. ends up trying one, then two or four. Next thing you know it, we all end up having gas at the end of the night. All in all, these eggs are definitely worth the stink!

Here’s the recipe…

Devilled Eggs.jpg